Wake Up to Your Dreams in a Sussman Auto

Sleep is a powerful thing. If you get enough of it you wake up feeling like a champion. Get too little and you could wake up feeling like a zombie. No matter what there is always a chance for dreams. And sometimes, when you drive a Sussman through southeastern PA, those dreams are happening right in the middle of your commute.

The Kia Sorento has everything you need if you’ve ever woken up from a dream in which you’re the greatest clown in the world. It has the seating capacity to keep all your red-nosed, floppy-footed friends comfortable. No one will be itching to get out once you reach the next party. In a Sorento, you’ll have more room in your pockets for hand buzzers and other gags while never being off balance because of thoughtful design and features, like keyless ignition and tire pressure monitoring.

Silly dreams are fun, but they aren’t all that way. Other times you’ve got a pressing appointment or meeting the next morning and you anguish over sitting in traffic. Leaving earlier than usual is good, but being able to rely on the Genesis G90 is even better. Car And Driver calls the Genesis “eminently comfortable and supportive,” and they aren’t wrong. A 22-way adjustable driver’s throne means you can sit the way that keeps you coziest even as you sit in delays on I-95 or the Blue Route. And if you’re worried about your phone or other devices, you can enjoy the wireless charging pad to make sure you can always reach the right people.

And then there are the dreams about the Big Day. Whether it’s graduation, your wedding, or another special event, you want to make sure you’re there, and on time. The Honda Accord offers you a complete journey. Emergency braking assist technology helps keep you safe in a suddenly dangerous moment while the car’s climate control makes sure you don’t arrive already sweating. A backup camera can guide you into that tighter-than-it-should-be parking space and illuminating vanity mirrors let you keep your hair just right. You can step out of the car and into the party feeling calm, cool, collected, and ready to smile.
At Sussman Auto, we look forward to being a part of your journey and have six different ways we deliver, whether it’s an Acura, Honda, Hyundai, Genesis, Kia, or Mazda. No matter where you go through southeastern PA this spring, we can get you there. Stop in at one of our six locations to drive into your dreams.


About autodealership

For over 50 years Sussman has been a trusted name in the automotive industry. The Sussman Automotive Group began with humble beginnings as a used car sales lot in Philadelphia, and has grown into a 4 dealership group representing 5 franchises since then. Each dealership continues to operate as a separate, family run business serving the individual communtiy in which it resides. While our main focus is cars, we are made up of a dynamic work force, and will have advice, opinions, and insights on other topics. We hope you enjoy our blog!
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