Winter Safety Driving Tips for Your and Yours

At Sussman Auto dealerships, we sell you cars that optimize the family traveling experience. However, no amount of comfort, convenience, affordability, or safety can completely take away the danger from the road. As your go-to southeastern Pennsylvania auto dealership, Sussman Auto wants to provide you a few safe winter driving tips.

When you see things like a disabled vehicle on the road or a door left ajar, what you need to do might seem obvious: brake! And while braking is certainly the primary option, it’s not the only one. In that split second where danger pops up you can also make an evasive driving maneuver. The key to the best choice is to practice monitoring your surroundings at all times.  

The difference between braking and evasive maneuvers comes down to how fast you’re already going. If you’ve reached peak speed in your auto, then an evasive maneuver like swerving might be the safest way to continue on your journey. However, if you’re still accelerating, braking will be easier because your vehicle won’t have already picked up maximum momentum. This information provides you more control over a possible collision due to  someone else’s decision.

The decisions of others aren’t the only dangers potentially looming on the road, though — especially this time of year. Black ice, dense fog, deepened potholes from snow melting chemicals and salt, and generally slick surfaces can all change your day or life in a matter of seconds.

That’s why it’s critical to have an up-to-date winter roadside kit. You already know the benefits of a well organized and prepared trunk for autumn sports. While the tools are different for winter the purpose is the same: deliver you and your family the easiest and most functional experience. Below are winter roadside kit must-haves.

Flashlight with extra batteries: You know how the flashlight helps but the extra batteries are just as necessary. There is nothing like thinking you’re prepared only to find out you’re not, and you don’t want the flashlight going dead as you’re trying to locate a potential issue on the side of the road.

Cell phone car charger: If you don’t already have one, find a holiday deal. Like your flashlight batteries, the last thing you want to happen to your phone is having it go dead as you’re about to call a family member or tow truck.

Flares: Maybe you’ve got extra reflectors packed away in the trunk, but in decreased visibility settings you’ll want something more. Flares will let other drivers know know that your vehicle has become disabled, prioritizing safety and awareness in a stressful situation.

Snacks: You have no idea how long you might be stuck on the side of the road. A good snack can help you keep a level head as you manage your time through an upsetting moment on the road.

Remember, Sussman Auto is here for you and all your car needs through southeastern Pennsylvania. From us to you, we wish you a safe and warm winter holiday.


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For over 50 years Sussman has been a trusted name in the automotive industry. The Sussman Automotive Group began with humble beginnings as a used car sales lot in Philadelphia, and has grown into a 4 dealership group representing 5 franchises since then. Each dealership continues to operate as a separate, family run business serving the individual communtiy in which it resides. While our main focus is cars, we are made up of a dynamic work force, and will have advice, opinions, and insights on other topics. We hope you enjoy our blog!
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