2010 ends with Sussman’s 9th Annual Bikes for Tykes event

A relationship with a dream set of wheels begins long before you slip behind the driver’s seat of your first car. It begins with your first bike.

Nine years ago, we began the Bikes For Tykes program as a way to help provide needy children living throughout the Philadelphia area with their first bicycle.  Donors from all over the area bring in gently used bicycles that have been outgrown by their owners, but certainly have many more miles to ride. To really add to the spirit of giving, our Sussman employees then turn into elves – refurbishing the bikes to be presented to their next owner.

This year, over 100 bikes were distributed to area children, bringing our grand total from the past 9 years to over 1,800. That’s 1,800 smiling children who have been able to experience the delight, adventures and freedom that come with having a bike. All from the incredible generosity of our Sussman customers and our employees.

Thank you again, and we’re already looking forward to this year’s Bikes for Tykes event!

Please visit our website for more information on Bikes for Tykes.



About autodealership

For over 50 years Sussman has been a trusted name in the automotive industry. The Sussman Automotive Group began with humble beginnings as a used car sales lot in Philadelphia, and has grown into a 4 dealership group representing 5 franchises since then. Each dealership continues to operate as a separate, family run business serving the individual communtiy in which it resides. While our main focus is cars, we are made up of a dynamic work force, and will have advice, opinions, and insights on other topics. We hope you enjoy our blog!
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